Construction & Maintenance of Bulk Storage Vessels, Tanks & Silos
Construction & Maintenance of Offshore and Onshore Pipelines
Construction of Industrial Plants, Installation and Erection of    Structures, Plants, Machineries and Support    Equipment
Fully Equipped State of the Art Fabrication Facilities
Complete Shutdowns, Gull Overhauls, Maintenance Services for    Plants, Oil and Gas
Installation and Heavy Machineries & Equipment.
Design, Supply and Installation of Complete Fire Protection Systems for Industrial Plants.
Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems, HVAC for Industrial Plants, High Raise Buildings and     Auditoriums
Industrial Fabrication, Welding & Installation
Plant T & I's, T & I's for Boilers, Auxiliaries, Heat Exchangers, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems Valves
Pipe Welding, Coating, Painting, Insulation & Wrapping