Pre-engineered Buildings for Bulk Warehouses, Factories and Aircraft Hangers
Construction & Repair of Highways, Roads , Street Paving & Culverts
Commercial, Residential, Community Low & High Raise, and Annex Buildings
Landscaping, Area Development & Infrastructure Works
Earth Work, Asphalting, all kinds of Foundations, Land Reclamation
Conventional & Pre-Cast High Raise Buildings and Residential Housing Compounds
Roof & Chimney Repair, Maintenance & Construction
Design & Construction of bored and driven Piles, Including Offshore Facilities.
Concrete Repairs Works on Structures located in Corrosive Environmental, including Offshore Structures
Foundations for Heavy Equipment & Machineries
Plant and Framed Structures for Industrial Facilities.
Corrosion Control & Repairs for Concrete & Steel Structures Exposed to Marine, Underground or Industrial
Onshore / Offshore Structures and Platforms